Missionary Mobilization Workshop

Offered as a 90-minute, half-day, or full-day workshop, the Missionary Mobilization Workshop will educate you and your team on the factors that influence the missionary call, giving you practical suggestions that will enable you and your staff to create environments where the missionary call can be heard by those whom God is calling. 

NOTE: These workshops are brought to you in your local setting.


Graduate Classes

To help with missionary retention, Trinity Bible College and Graduate School is offering free continuing education for missionaries. Any current missionary can take (audit) one of Trinity's graduate school classes free of charge. These classes take place at various times all over the world.

Some examples of the many classes offered are: Global Islam and Christian Theology, Contemporary Models of Missional Leadership, An Introduction to Mission and Culture, Organizational Development & Strategic Planning, and Practical Theology.

To inquire about these courses and our graduate programs,
please email the Center at: missionarymobilization@trinitybiblecollege.edu

This video is an excerpt of a Missionary Mobilization Workshop for pastors.

On-Field Missionary Re:Fresh Courses

The Center for Missionary Mobilization and Retention offers several Re:Fresh Courses for continuing missionary education. Courses currently available are:  Intercultural Communications, Self-Care, Itineration and Fundraising, and Mobilizing Others.  These courses take place on the field, allowing the missionaries to remain in their cross-cultural setting.

For more information, please email the Center at: missionarymobilization@trinitybiblecollege.edu