For Missions Agencies

  • Mobilizer Training

    Since mobilizers are an important component for the Kingdom and agency sustainability, we offer professional training for your mobilization team.

    Topics include:

    • The Bible & Missions Mobilization

    • The Missionary Call

    • Understanding Generational Differences

    • Mobilization Barriers

    • Mobilizing the Churchgoer

    • Mobilizing Students

    • Missions Mentorship

    The length of this training can be customized to fit your needs and occurs on-site.

For Missionaries

  • Graduate Classes

    To help with missionary retention, Trinity Bible College and Graduate School is offering free continuing education for missionaries. Any current missionary can take (audit) one of Trinity's graduate school classes free of charge. These classes take place at various times all over the world.

    Some examples of the many classes offered are: Global Islam and Christian Theology, Contemporary Models of Missional Leadership, An Introduction to Mission and Culture, Organizational Development & Strategic Planning, and Practical Theology.

For Pastors

  • Missions Program to Missions Purpose

    Eight Practical Ways to Improve Missions in Your Church
    When missions is the purpose of your church instead of being another program, the culture begins to change and ministries grow. This training gives your staff practical steps to implement to increase the missions culture in your church. We address topics such as: utilizing visiting missionaries, preaching on missions throughout the Bible, short-term mission trips, and more.

  • Mobilizing

    Offered as a 90-minute, half-day, or full-day workshop, the Missionary Mobilization Workshop will educate you and your team on the factors that influence the missionary call, giving you practical suggestions that will enable you and your staff to create environments where the missionary call can be heard by those whom God is calling. 

    NOTE: These workshops are brought to you in your local setting.

  • Caring for Missionaries

    What can the church do to help keep missionaries healthy & thriving in foreign lands? This workshop addresses missionaries' relationships with pastors, missionary funding, and best practices in caring for missionaries on the field.