Each month we highlight two books for those interested in mobilizing missionaries to the field and helping them thrive while living overseas. Check back to this page often for more recommendations.

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Mission in Motion: Speaking Frankly of Mobilization
By: Jay Matenga & Malcolm Gold

       In a vein similar to Too Valuable To Lose and Worth Keeping, the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission commissioned a research team to investigate what motivates people into mission service from around the globe. Mobilization practitioners recorded, translated and transcribed hundreds of hours of interview dialogue that explored reasons for mission involvement from Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North and South America, Oceania, East Asia, South Asia and East Africa. The data was subsequently analyzed to draw out common themes, and Mission In Motion presents the results of this research.
    This book is the first definitive exploration of the recent history, ministries and methods of mission mobilization. The evangelical missions community is expending much energy and resource trying to raise up workers for the Lord’s harvest, but is it helping? Are the means, models, methods, and mechanisms being applied to this end effective? What does influence people to greater involvement in mission—whatever they understand mission to be? Furthermore, what hinders it? In addressing these questions, Mission In Motion allows the interviewed respondents to speak for themselves, in an open and frank manner. Some results confirm common beliefs, but others may surprise you.


Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion
By: Wayne Cordeiro

    It was a balmy California evening. I had gone for a job before I was to speak at a leadership conference. I still can’t recall how I got there, but I found myself sitting on a curb weeping uncontrollably. I couldn’t tell if it took place suddenly or gradually, but I knew something had broken inside. I remember lifting my trembling hands and asking out loud, “What in the world is happening to me?”
A message of revitalization and encouragement for leaders before they leave the ministry. Wayne Cordeiro, author of Doing Church as a Team, found himself paralyzed by burnout. He had been in ministry for 30 years, and 10 years after founding what is now the largest church in Hawaii, he found himself depleted. Wayne took a season out of his growing ministry to recharge and refocus on the truly important. He got back in touch with his life, got back in proper balance, and re-energized his spirit through Christ and came back to serve with new passion and joy. Wayne first gave this message at a Willow Creek Leadership Summit, where it was the highest-rated presentation by those in attendance.

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