It’s Your Call: To A Missional or Missionary Life
For most believers, several factors influence their missions call. Some are called to stay in their hometown and support missions at their local church, others are called to short-term mission trips, while others are called to spend a lifetime overseas as career missionaries. This SNAPSHOT book will highlight three things that can help you discover the adventure God has for you in his mission.

Mobilizing Millennials: A Case Study of Assemblies of God World Missions
This thesis (including a literature review) written by David P. Jacob,  investigates the methods and practices of Assemblies of God World Missions' (AGWM) mobilization of Millennials towards long-term missionary service.

A Millennial's Perspective on Missionary Mentorship
Written by a Millennial, this academic paper lists the benefits of missionaries mentoring the younger generations, and argues that a mentoring relationship just may be one of the best mobilization tools available.

Nurturing the Missions Call: Helping Youth Keep the Missions Spark Alive
Oftentimes, a student will receive a calling to be a missionary, but may feel unsure or scared about what to do next. None of us get where we're going alone. How can we help in raising up the next generation of ministers? This webinar, presented by our director, David Jacob, equips Pastors and Youth Pastors to help their young people keep their passion for missions and calling alive by providing practical steps to guide them in their missions journey.

How to Understand God’s Call on Your Life
In this Missions Pulse podcast, David Joannes interviews our director, David Jacob about his latest book, It’s Your Call. Far too often, we look for the “what” and forget about the “Who.” Understanding God’s call on your life begins with knowing God. The more intimate your relationship with Him the more you come to sense His heart and understand your role in His Great Commission enterprise.